27 februari 2020

Expressive Painting Course


This course is for everyone who would like to learn to express their feelings/emotions in an unspoken language. There is no need to have any previous experience with painting. As with all languages one learns to communicate.

In all art forms (e.g. visual arts, dance, music, and others) we identify and relate to the emotive content; something triggers a particular feeling or leaves us with no interest at all.

To identify and then express emotions in an art form needs training and practice. In this course we'll do exercises that will help you to 'listen to your hand instead of your head' (quick drawing/painting with closed eyes, wrong hand, feeling objects), we'll look at examples how making use of contrast and proportion can enhance or diminish feelings (e.g. excitement/happiness/anxiety) and we'll find out how colour, music, and certain personal experiences can help us to identify and express under-laying emotions through Wabi/Sabi, Mandalas and personal objects.

Each session will start with a short explanation. We'll do various short exercises before the break and longer activities after the break. At the end of each session we will have a look at the produced work and participants can comment if they wish to do so. We might even have a guest artist visiting one session.

I am a qualified adult/children's tutor and an emerging artist. I have exhibited in acclaimed institutions like the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Bathy Victoria Gallery, the South West Exeter academy of fine arts and the Bath Fringe Festival among others.

I also have quite some experience with psychotherapy in the Netherlands as well as in England which has given me a better insight into dealing with emotions and made me realize how liberating it can be to express one's feelings without using words.

This course exists of 5 sessions of 3 hours each.
Shaftesbury Lindlar Hall: Wednesday evening 7-10. Start 18 March. End 15 April
Tisbury Hindon Hall: Monday afternoon 2-5. Start 16 March. No lesson 13 April(bank holiday). End 20 April

Cost £125 per person (15 hours) including all materials, coffee/tea/biscuits. Maximum 12 and minimum 8 participants.

Payments should be made in advance to Ms. Maaike Pope citing Expressive Painting + starting date. Sortcode: 08-93-00 A/n: 24067809

In case there will be less than 8 applicants two days before the start of the course, the course will be cancelled and your full payment returned. If you would cancel your commitment before two days of starting the course, you will receive half of your payment back. After that refunds only payable in exceptional circumstances. For any further questions please call: 07814 772178

29 april 2019


Title workshop: Express yourself in collage

Sort workshop: collaborative

We will make a collective collage on a long piece of wall paper. The idea is that you bring photos, images, pictures, drawings,paintings, text that can be torn up and reused in a collage.

I will provide the roll of wall paper, acrylic paint, charcoal, and torn up paintings, drawings,etc, some scissors, glue and brushes. Please also bring your own drawing material, scissors (labelled with your name) and anything else you would prefer to use.

We will be able to work together in each other's work so it won't be anything only made by you; the idea is to collaborate and enjoy the interaction. The process is more important than the end result.

All ages are welcome and it will be an outside activity, so WEATHER ALLOWING. Rain and storm will cancel the activity.

The event will take place during the Wylye Valley Art Trail on Sunday 19th May from 2 till 4 PM at Venue 55, Share Farm, Wardour, Tisbury, SP3 6PL, Salisbury, UK.

Adults: 5 pounds    Children, pensioners and people with disabilities: 2.50 pounds.

Please contact me via maaikepope@gmail.com if you want to participate. The maximum amount of participants will be around 15.

There will be no toilet at the premises but nearby is a restaurant and I have a bucket + there are loads of fields around.

06 maart 2019

WYLYE VALLEY ART TRAIL, South West Wiltshire, UK

06 maart 2019


I will be exhibiting as part of the Shaftesbury Group on the following Fridays:
19 April and 7 June, 10am-4pm, Town Hall Shaftesbury
For further info: theshaftesburygroup@gmail.com or FB/Insta: @theshaftesburygroup

19 oktober 2018

Stories in Art

Beaumont Gallery, Mere


15 december 2017


12 & 13 May: 62 stands

Saturday 10-6 & Sunday 10-5

Easy and free parking 

06 september 2017


10 juni

Artist of the month: July 2017

Location: Blandford Town Museum, Bere's Yard, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 7HQ.

Tel: 01258 450388

Further information will follow.

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