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All prices exclude shipping, transportation.
In case you are interested in buying or renting a painting:  please send an e-mail or use the contactform.
(Don't forget to mention the title of the painting you are interested in.)



Of course I would like you to buy my paintings but renting a painting gives you a chance to hang a work on your wall that you may not be able to afford. At the same time you will be saving money towards a painting of your choice in the future.

It works as follows:
Say a painting costs £ 500.-
You will pay per month 6% of the value of the painting, in this case £ 30.-
1% (for rent of the painting)  £   5.-
5% (can be offset against a painting of your choice) £ 25.-
The 1% per month you lose, the 5% builds up to your savings for buying a painting of your choice in the future. You can rent 1 painting at the time for a minimum of 3 months and you can change it for another painting after 3 months or decide to buy it.

What I need from you?

  • An identity card or passport
  • Proof of residence (electricity bill/ gas bill)
  • A picture of you with the painting and signature/date of the start of the contract.
  • A cheque for half of the value of the painting to be held as deposit in case of damage to the painting.
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